Laser Cutting Systems

Опубликовано: 17.05.2017

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Mitsubishi VZ10 Series 3D Laser Cutting Systems

In industrial laser machining there are many different types of for different types of materials. Laser cutting is preferred over mechanical cutting for thick flat sheet material or when precision machined parts are needed. While lasers used in welding such as neodymium (Nd) lasers can be used in laser cutting, the most common laser type is the carbon dioxide (CO2) laser. Most industrial laser cutting machines have a material table and a laser head, and these parts are put together in three basic machine configurations: moving material, flying optics, and hybrid systems.

There are several different types of lasers typically used in industrial cutting systems: CO2 or Nd lasers being the most common. Generally, the Nd lasers are used for applications such as boring holes or engraving metal, as well as for welding. CO2 lasers are generally used for laser cutting because the laser is more powerful and capable of cutting dense materials.

The carbon dioxide laser used in laser cutting systems is so named because the amplifying chamber where the laser is produced is filled with carbon dioxide gas. Industrial CO2 laser cutting machines usually produce a laser that is a fraction of a millimeter thick and can cut different thickness of material depending on the machine configuration. Among industrial CO2 laser cutting machines, there are three configurations.

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